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The 30 Day Strategic Blueprint To Increase Your Leads And Sales Online | taught by Steve Fitz Watch Intro Video

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Course description

Introducing the Pathway to Profit program - Increase Your Leads And Sales From Your Website In The Next 30 Days

Important Information:

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Launch Date:

Anyone who purchases the Pathway to Profit program has immediate access to the Introduction, Fundamentals and Break Points modules.

The Implementation program will run with live webinar training & Q&A sessions as well as the regular course content during the month of June 2016. The webinar attendance is optional but the webinars will be recorded and added to the course for your review.

Who this program is for:

Established business owners, Marketing managers and entrepreneurs who want to take control of their digital marketing and create and implement a strategic blueprint for their business.

The program is developed for smart business owners who want to learn how to adopt a digital strategy and win leads and sales online.

This program will fill your knowledge gaps and give you the tools to either implement yourself or confidently instruct others to implement your blueprint on your behalf.

Who this program is NOT for:

This program is not specifically designed for eCommerce although they can still benefit from a large portion of this course.

This program is also not designed for anyone who isn't committed to work on their digital strategy. The blueprint will take some customisation to suit your business, so you must be willing to do the work to get the results.

Certificate of Completion:

All participants will receive a certificate of completion once all modules have been taken.

Refund Policy:

If you purchase this program and complete the work and implement this blueprint into your business and don't win new leads or sales, contact us and show us what you've done. If this hasn't brought in new leads and sales, and you've done the work, we will refund all your course fees.

Steve Fitz
Steve Fitz
Owner of Digital Domination Pty Ltd

Steve is the owner of Digital Domination and specialises in combining digital and business strategy in creative ways to give businesses an advantage in their marketplace.

Course Curriculum

Introduction FREE
A Personal Message To You From Steve Fitz FREE
Why Being Successful Online Takes A Big Mindset Shift And How You Can Make The Adjustment FREE
Make SOS Your Daily Mantra! The One Thing You're Probably Not Doing But Must Do If You Are Going To Win Online
Free Software That Takes Away A Lot Of The Hard Work Making Managing Your Business So Much Easier
The Pathway To Profit Workbook
Show Content
Fundamentals - Simple But Powerful Marketing Lessons That Will Give You The Knowledge You Need To Sell Online
Who are your customers and what are they looking for? Your Quintessential Customer & The Need For Speed FREE
Your Quintessential Customer & Built To Last FREE
Your Quintessential Customer & No More Legwork, Savings Are Secondary FREE
The Phases Your Customers Go Through Before Buying From You And How You Can Position Yourself Properly Online
The Digital Currency You Must Embrace If You're To Get Leads And Make Sales Online. If You Don't Do This, You're Going To Fail.
Improving Your Marketing Messages Behind Your Product Or Service With Pains And Gains
How Standard Web Pages, Hybrid Web Pages And Power Web Pages Play A Role In Your Success
Show Content
Break Points - You Might Just Be A Tweak Or Two Away From Big Wins Once Your Identify And Correct Your Current Break Points
Identifying Your Current Break Points And How They Impact Your Leads And Sales
Break Point Tips #1
Break Point Tips #2
Break Points Checklist FREE
Show Content
Building Your Pathway To Profit In The Next 30 Days
The Pathway To Profit Blueprint
Implementation Step 1
Live Webinar Training & Q&A - 7th June 2016
Implementation Step 2
Live Webinar Training & Q&A - 14th June 2016
Implementation Step 3
Live Webinar Training & Q&A - 21st June 2016
Implementation Step 4
Live Webinar Training & Q&A - 28th June 2016
Show Content
How Email Can Play A Role In Your Pathway To Profits
Email Automation & A Template For Setting Up Your Very First Automated Sequence
Show Content
How To Build Great Power Pages
Understanding Google Keywords & The #1 Mistake That Is Killing Your Google Campaigns
Advertising on Facebook - Ad Guidelines
Email Automation Software
Show Content

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