Facebook 101 - Advertising For Beginners

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Course description

This course is an over-the-shoulder view of me setting up and launching ads on Facebook on a real account.

This isn't fluff and stuff or Facebook theory. It's also not a guided 'time wasting' tour.

This is a 'watch what I do and copy' course where you can do the real work of getting your Facebook Ads set up and running quickly and effectively.

If you're new to Facebook advertising, then this course is a no-brainer at a ridiculously low price. You'll set up your account properly and learn 90% of the Facebook ad platform without any tech overwhelm. Plus setting up your account properly and following what I teach will help you get better results immediately as well as over the coming months than if you work it out through trial and error.

Note: This course is specifically designed for beginners or those that are self-taught but not had much success and want to see how professionals do it.

Steve Fitz
Steve Fitz
Owner of Digital Domination Pty Ltd

Steve is the owner of Digital Domination and specialises in combining digital and business strategy in creative ways to give businesses an advantage in their marketplace.

Course Curriculum

Facebook 101 Introduction
Introduction to advertising on Facebook FREE
Facebook's Advertising Policies FREE
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Facebook 101 - Setting up your account for success
How to add the Facebook pixel code to your website
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Facebook 101 - How to set up audiences to target with your ads
Using Facebook's audience insights
Facebook custom audiences
Facebook lookalike audiences
Facebook saved audiences
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Facebook 101 - How to track your conversions from your Facebook ads
Setting up custom conversions
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Facebook 101 - Ad creation
Setting up and launching your first ad
Setting up and launching your re-marketing ads
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Facebook 101 - Summary
Facebook 101 - Summary and where to go from here
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Reviews (3)

Great Content!

by Tawana Rutledge
Great course! I like the fact that you go over Facebook advertising rules and provide a link to them on Facebook because they are always changing. Good content and well explained!

For the true beginner

by Stephanie Turek
I love that you start with the assumption that we've not done anything yet. Even if I have, it's good to start with a clean slate and build up and break any bad habits I had unknowingly formed. I hope in future you will do a quick explanation of the Facebook policies even if it's just explaining terminology.

Easy to follow and action straight away

by Lara Knight
Really clear, actionable beginners course. I loved the video setup running through everything step by step. There is a series of videos if you don't have time to watch everything at once, and it's easy to pause the video and work on your own account as you go. Perfect if you're just getting started on FB ads.